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Zero Trust Network Architecture Solutions
A Rapidly Deployable Zero Trust Cloud Security Solution

We can all agree that we’ve had to adapt to a new normal as the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread earlier this year.  Many information technology organizations found themselves unprepared to meet the immediate need for a rapid shift to collaboration through teleworking. 

BT Federal’s first priority was to leverage our partnerships to ensure we were innovating by giving our customers the tools they needed to be able to continue their missions without missing a beat.  We rolled out a rapidly deployable collaboration solution-as-a-service for teleworkers using a FedRAMP Authorized platform so users were able to securely and instantaneously connect, work together and maintain their productivity levels by sharing content in real time.  

The rapid shift to teleworking raised security concerns for government IT leaders, so BT Federal got creative based on the new TIC 3.0 guidance from CISA.  We worked closely with a partner to develop a security stack as-a-service solution delivered through the cloud, again, a rapidly deployable solution that eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional secure web gateway approaches. By moving security to a distributed cloud, BT Federal has brought the capabilities traditionally offered through the TIC/MTIPS stack closer to the teleworker for a faster, more secure, direct to the cloud experience.  Think of this solution as a secure Internet onramp that supports the TIC 3.0 Use Cases for Cloud, Branch Office and Remote Users with BT Federal assisting in making the FedRAMP Authorized Cloud your user’s next hop to the Internet.

BT Federal also realized that applications developed and deployed before this new work from anywhere environment could be better protected by a zero trust access architecture.  We can now protect private applications running in the public cloud or within a data center by not exposing them to the Internet, making the applications invisible to unauthorized users.  This innovative approach enables applications to connect to users instead of the user connecting to the application. This zero trust network access approach supports both managed and unmanaged devices and any private application – not just web applications.

By working with trusted partners to build innovative FedRAMP Authorized solutions, BT Federal will continue to find ways to help our customers deliver on their missions.  For more information on how BT Federal can help your organization securely connect and collaborate, email [email protected] or visit

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