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A comprehensive solution-based vehicle to address all aspects of federal agency information technology, telecommunications, and infrastructure requirements.

Core Services

BT’s IP Global Connect service connects your agency in the fastest, most efficient way and unlock your full potential. You can choose the access option with the performance you need at the right price for each of your sites. Take your agency to the next level of efficiency by removing the need for multiple networks and using a single platform that can be the basis for bringing your voice, video, mobile and conferencing services together in 170 countries. BT has PoPs in 180 countries around the Globe.

BT uses our IP GlobalConnect backbone to establish three basic solutions for VPNS: Intranet, Extranet, and Remote Access. IPGC effectively supports all traffic types:

  • Ethernet Transport Service.
  • Time-critical traffic such as voice and video with high quality and QoS.
  • Business-critical traffic such as transactions and applications.
  • Non-time critical traffic such as email.

BT’s Internet Protocol Voice Service (IPVS) provides voice communications service and telephony features to agencies using VoIP over a managed IP network via our BT One Voice service. We offer both a network-based (hosted) and premises-based telephone service over our global MPLS network with SIP trunking. Our Managed LAN Service for Voice ensures reliable high performance IPVS to the end user. BT One Voice:

  • Supports calls, to or from on-net or off-net locations by direct dialing.
  • Integrates old and new technologies for advanced solutions like cloud, video, collaboration and conferencing.
  • Can be deployed with a variety of end user devices (soft and hard phones) from leading manufacturers.

BT can connect customers to our SIP trunking service using a BT data network and through an internet connection, allowing customers to connect more sites to the service quicker and more cost effectively.

BT’s Managed Network Service (MNS) for EIS enables an agency to obtain a full suite of design and engineering, implementation, management, and maintenance services for your networks. Our MNS offering provides the necessary technical and operational capabilities that ensure the availability and reliability of agencies’ increasingly complex networks.

Under the MNS offering, the BT provides the overall management of your agency’s network infrastructure, including real-time proactive network monitoring, troubleshooting and service restoration. BTFederal is the agency’s single point of accountability for all networks managed under this service, including operations, maintenance, and administration activities.

We leverage the worldwide presence and engineering expertise of the larger BT with a special dedicated US Federal “wrap” in a 7x24x365 Network Operations Center located in Reston Virginia. The BTFederal NOC provides you the single point of contact for all issues.

BT Internet Connect Global gives you Carrier Grade Ethernet transport service over our Global MPLS backbone, providing:

  • Reduced management complexity – We manage and control every component of all your Internet connections.
  • Improved customer experience –Our guaranteed bandwidth ensures your applications can perform at their best.
  • Consistent high performance – The service is un-contended (1:1) in the BT Internet Connect Global network. The ordered bandwidth is fully guaranteed and always on.
  • Integrated with BT IP Connect Global, BT’s MPLS IP VPN –Gateways around the world between IP Connect and Internet Connect reduce the cost of providing Internet access and the time taken to deploy.

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