EIS Contract Modification

25 out of 630
Contract Modification Number Description Effective Date PDF Available
P00001Contract Sections  AEGJ Amended10/16/2017View PDF
P00002Contract Section F J Cloud12/04/2017View PDF
P00003Audio Conferencing01/04/2018View PDF
P00004Add Clarksburg CBSA (90)01/18/2018View PDF
P00005Contract Section  B J Amended01/24/2018View PDF
P00006Add Sioux Falls CBSA (92)01/24/2018View PDF
P00007Add Morgantown CBSA (93)01/24/2018View PDF
P00008Add Elkins CBSA (98)01/30/2018View PDF
P00009Add Jacksonville CBSA (91)02/06/2018View PDF
P00010Add Cumberland CBSA (99)02/06/2018View PDF
P00011Add Vicksburg CBSA (101)02/06/2018View PDF
P00012Add VA Beach CBSA (88)02/15/2018View PDF
P00013MTIPS  SCIF requirement02/15/2018View PDF
P00014Video Conferencing02/16/2018View PDF
P00015Add Lake City CBSA (102)02/21/2018View PDF
P00016Internet Protocol Service02/21/2018View PDF
P00017Add Elizabethtown CBSA (105)02/21/2018View PDF
P00018Add Harrisburg CBSA (106)02/26/2018View PDF
P00019Add Lincoln CBSA (112)02/27/2018View PDF
P00020Add Auburn CBSA (120)02/27/2018View PDF
P00021Add Brownsville CBSA (118)02/26/2018View PDF
P00022Add Charleston WV CBSA (95)02/26/2018View PDF
P00023Add Bangor CBSA (107)02/26/2018View PDF
P00024Add Bremerton CBSA (121)02/26/2018View PDF
P00025Add Pine Bluff CBSA (127)02/26/2018View PDF

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