Continuity of Operations: Preparing for disaster before it strikes

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The Covid-19 pandemic is a tragedy that has reached the entire world.

People, businesses and government have been hurt by this disease and overcoming it is one of the most difficult events in recent history. While everyone is coping with and managing some level of loss, grief or other challenges, governments and businesses can take this opportunity to improve their enterprise risk management framework.

As part of risk management, Continuity of Operations (COOP), also known as Business Continuity Planning (BCP), is a key part of managing risk for government and businesses alike. These plans identify critical business processes, key systems and technology-driven business enablement that is required to sustain operations during times of unannounced challenge for the organization. It’s important to label these catastrophic events, whether created by humans or nature, as unannounced because the intent of BCP/COOP is to write these plans before disaster strikes.

While no event will play out the way it was planned for on paper, it’s important to take the time to develop plans, regardless. Developing BCP/COOP plans on paper, with key organizational stakeholders, identifies the critical business functions that are needed when a disaster strikes, during the disaster and through recovery. Further to the BCP/COOP, organizations should develop information system contingency, disaster recovery and incident response plans. These plans are subsets of BCP/COOP that need to be developed for the business-critical systems in your organization.

Writing organizational policies, plans, and procedures can quickly become deprioritized during times of normal operations but are nonetheless extremely important. Sometimes organizations do not fully understand the process or how to navigate the creation of these documents and quite frankly, this is not the most exciting task for most. Preparing your organization now, for success during the difficult times, will pay dividends.

If your government or business entity doesn’t already have BCP/COOP plans in place, BT Federal can help. We’ve streamlined the process to assist government and businesses develop and improve their frameworks to meet the next level of standards for cybersecurity and regulatory compliance.

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